Vacant Land Liability Insurance

Investasure understands the risks of owning a Vacant Land and provides coverage just for you.

Even though you have no buildings to insure you have responsibility under common law as land owner to protect members of the public that may enter your property.

As a Vacant Land Owner what are some of the things you need cover for:

  • If anyone is injured whilst on your property you will be held ultimately responsible for medical and
    other associated costs not to mention your legal fees on top of that to defend the claim.

Tailored Packages

We offer tailored insurance packages for Property Owners. You can choose if you want all the covers or just one.

Anywhere within Australia

We can provide cover anywhere within Australia for all your locations plus include them under one policy if you would prefer.


Your dedicated client manager ensures that your insurance package meets your individual needs. They are there to provide you with advice and to answer any of your questions.

Hassle Free

If something is to go wrong, your Investasure claims manager works for you, to ensure you get what you deserve.

Types of insurance your Investasure package can include:


Public Liability ensuring that you are protected against claims for damage or injury caused to an individual or their property as a result of your property.