Commercial & Residential Strata Insurance

Investasure understands the risks Strata unit owners face not only on a daily basis, but also in the long term.

Strata insurance is designed to protect common property — that is, commercial & residential property that is jointly owned as part of a body corporate, group or strata title. If you own property as part of any one of these entities, then you must have strata insurance in place, the cost of which is usually divided among the various
owners of a strata title. Each state and territory has its own terms and conditions regarding the specifics of the required strata insurance.

As a Strata Owner what are some of the things you need cover for:

  • Building cover first and foremost. You need ensure you are covered not only for replacement of the building but also all additional costs such as removal of debris & claims preparation costs. If you have property in the open air you may need to insure this separately.
  • Loss of income in the event you had to rebuild or move your tenants out following a loss. As you would no longer have any rental income and would still have to pay for mortgage repayments, utilities, real estate fees & legal costs whilst the building is being reinstated.
  • Even though it may be in the lease agreement that the tenants are responsible for glass breakage, what happens when you don’t have a tenant at the time? You may want to consider covering glass if you have a large exposure.
  • If someone is injured on your property as a result of an accident that you are liable for.
  • Air Conditioning units can be extremely costly to replace or repair. You can cover this including business interruption following the breakdown.

Tailored Packages

We offer tailored insurance packages for Property Owners. You can choose if you want all the covers or just one.

Anywhere within Australia

We can provide cover anywhere within Australia for all your locations plus include them under one policy if you would prefer.


Your dedicated client manager ensures that your insurance package meets your individual needs. They are there to provide you with advice and to answer any of your questions.

Hassle Free

If something is to go wrong, your Investasure claims manager works for you, to ensure you get what you deserve.

Types of insurance your Investasure package can include:

Voluntary Workers

This section provides cover for payments made to workers who suffered significant injury or incapacitation while conducting voluntary work on your property.

Office Bearer’s Liability

This relates to any legal liabilities that arise as part of an office holder’s wrongdoing. 

Insured Property

Loss of or damage to insured property, which includes cover for storm damage, theft, vandalism, malicious damage, etc.

Machinery Breakdown

This relates to electronic, mechanical and electrical plants

Legal Liability

This includes costs associated with personal injury, as well as loss of or damage to property

Fidelity Guarantee

This will trigger in the event any of your funds are subject to fraudulent misappropriation

Catastrophe Insurance

this is pertinent in Australia in the event the Insurance Council of Australia issues a catastrophe code, and relates to an unpredicted jump in the cost of replacing insured property following a catastrophe.